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Bar & Bat Mitzvahs

Community is very important in the Jewish faith and Mitzvahs are merely extensions of those values.These are celebrations and rituals that promote togetherness, their culture, and the importance of faith.  Mitzvahs give us so many reasons to celebrate.


Xtraordinary Events Team starts by listening and asking relevant questions.  We want to hear about you and your child, your ideas, your priorities.

Each Bar & Bat Mitzvah is an opportunity for originality. Our Design Team will guide you through the creative process in a comfortable, creative manner to express your best representation of yourself.

Let the creative Xtraordinary Events design team transform your ideas and themes into an unparalleled design atmosphere

Lights at Concert

Lighting Design & Custom Monograms


Conceptional Theme Design 

Festive Decorations

Props, Rentals & Print Design

Inquire within and learn more.

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