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Bobby Pizzo

"A Flair  for Beauty"

Mr. Pizzo is known for his ability to transform spaces into theatrical environments. Considering himself as an "Atmospheric Designer", he utilizes his natural passion for innovative production and unique design, elevating your event to the next level. Bonds that he establishes through the personal connections he creates with his clients, become the inspiration for his unique design ideas. He feels that every event must be tailored and customized to his client's needs, resulting in what will be a grand reflection of their personalities.

Specializing in floral design, he understands how to use color, shape, texture, and dimension creating dramatic, awe-inspired pieces, that are integral to any special event or celebration. He strives to push the boundaries of modern luxurious floral artistry and continues to expand and develop his skills for years to come.  

He loves to incorporate showstopping innovations into his design process, by utilizing some of the most current technologies in the marketplace. Inspired by his love for large, lush, and upscale designs, he enthusiastically works to create visually-stimulating, thought-provoking installations that showcase his client's ideas from an artistic point of view.



Passion for Event Design

Having found his true passion in life, He believes that he is living his life-long dream of being an Event Designer. Always intrigued by trending-celebrity fashions and Avant-Garde couture, he leverages from these sources of inspiration to create high-profile-statement pieces that enhance the vision. He enthusiastically welcomes every chance to build new relationships with clients, assisting them with making their dreams become a reality.    


Welcome to Xtraordinary Events

 “Points of Perfection” 

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